Equine Reproduction Center

Fertility management of your mare / recipient mare

Our services regarding the fertility management:

  • Insemination (fresh & frozen semen)
  • Frozen semen storage
  • Embryo Transfer (ET)
  • Flushing the mare for ET
  • Transplantation of the embryo in a recipient mare
  • recipientmare centrum / mediation / rent of recipient mares
  • Sending embryo’s
  • Birth stable (24u management / camera-surveillance / foal alert system)
  • Weaning of foals

On this moment we realizing a new and bigger laboratory with practice space. Following you will find a canteen that we be also used for courses. The laboratory will be provided with various attributes including a double horsebox, storage for frozen semen and more. The plan is to finish it early 2018 and that we get also the KI certificate.

Our facilities are a laboratory, frozen semen storage, a special vet box with a foal part, cold and hot shower, etc. Under  “services” you will find the rest of  our facilities and other services that we offer like managing around your (recipient) mare. U will find there the following services: Birth control/stable – Frozen semen storage, etc. Click here to go directly to the service page.