At Nafiesa Arabians  we offer you different kind of services:

  • Boarding (All-In)
    – (Pregnant) Mares
    – Gelding / Stallions (limited)
    – Youngsters (limited)
    – Retired horses
  • Holiday / day Stabling
  • Birthcontrol
  • Insemination (frozen and fresh)
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Transport
  • Frozen semen storage
  • Courses
  • Rent of recipient mares

Our farm is provided with several facilities:

  • Wooden / Electric fence
  • Several sandpaddocks
  • 2 big indoorstables with paddocks
  • Several pastures
  • Vetbox + foal section
  • Outdoor riding area
  • Several big stables
  • Large birth stables equipped with camera’s
  • Hot and cold shower

Soon and in the future:

  • Roundpen
  • Practise with a bigger laboratory
  • Realizing more stables
  • Step mill
  • Solarium

You are most welcome to visit our farm and horses after making an appointment.
Step by step we will extend our farm. If you want to follow us and stay informed, please subscribe to our newsletter, or like our Nafiesa Arabians Facebook page and Nafiesa Arabians Instagram page.

Do you want to get more information about our services? Below you will find some sub pages, click on the service which interest you. You can send us an email for questions and ask about our conditions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Email:

Equine Reproduction Center

You can come by us for several services like fertility management. In our service you will find, Embryo Transfer (ET)- Insemination (Fresh & Frozen) – etc.

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We offer boarding (All-In) for your horse. We know several facets about boarding. Our facilities you will find above in this page.

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Frozen Semen Storage

We offer you the possibility to storage frozen semen at our place

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Birth Control

In our barn we have some big stables for birth control, equipped with camera 24u. surrounded by a professional team we can give your horse the best care.

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Rent of recipient mares

If you are looking to rent a recipient mare don’t look further. We have several recipient mares, like warmbloods and arabians (related horses).

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On our location we will organize some courses in the near future

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