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Our mares2017-05-11T16:10:09+00:00

Our mares

Meet our unique mare collection, the jewels of Nafiesa Arabians

  • Nafiesa Mawiyah

Nafiesa Mawiyah

Avalon LBA x Nafiesa Malika

Bay, 2017

  • Nafiesa Matana

Nafiesa Matana

Madher Al Jamal x Nafiesa Malaika

Chestnut, 2017

  • Nafiesa Majidah

Nafiesa Majidah

Madher Al Jamal x Kenelm Mona Ghalia

Grey, 2017

  • Nafiesa Ma Ajmala

Nafiesa Ma Ajmala

Emerald J x Kenelm Mona Ghalia

Bay, 2016

Nafiesa Maisa

DF Malik Jamil x Ansiba Mandisha

Grey, 2015

  • Nafiesa Malika

Nafiesa Malika

TF Afrikhan Shah x Kenelm Mona Ghalia

Black, 2010

  • Nafiesa Malaika

Nafiesa Malaika

Ajman Moniscione x Kenelm Mona Ghalia

Chestnut, 2008

  • MF Nassera

MF Nassera

JD Chalice x Nyagara El Jamaal

Grey, 2004

  • Kenelm Mona Ghalia

Kenelm Mona Ghalia

Monogramm x DSA Ghalia

Chestnut, 2002

  • Ta Annug KSI

Ta Annug KSI

BS Diabolo x Savannah KSI

Bay, 2000

  • Sayyida El Gezirah +

Sayyida El Gezirah +

El Masri Amir x Ayat

Grey, 1996 - 2016 +


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